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Crawl Me, But Don't Own My Stuff

By - December 12, 2005

Book Open-2So says Murdoch’s Harper Collins….

From a WSJ (paid reg) article today:

In the latest salvo in the fight over the future of books on the Internet, one of the country’s biggest publishers said it intends to produce digital copies of its books and then make them available to search services offered by such companies as Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp. and, while maintaining physical possession of the digital files.

News Corp.’s HarperCollins Publishers Inc. hopes to head off the prospect of these big Internet companies taking charge of books that it has purchased, edited and published.

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One thought on “Crawl Me, But Don't Own My Stuff

  1. MultiZ says:

    It also seems to me that SEs do own your site through their cache system.