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And Check Out These New Companies…

By - December 10, 2005

The list of companies that look interesting but that I simply do not have the time to grok is growing very, very long. Here are some highlights:

Clipmarks. Interesting bookmarking, sharing, bloggy app.Review here.

Looklater. Also a bookmarking site with some neat features.

Relona. A new search engine with some interesting interface hacks.

OhNoRobot. A comics search engine inspired by passion for web comics.

Opinmind. Blog search.

I’ve not reviewed these, but they look interesting….

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6 thoughts on “And Check Out These New Companies…

  1. Doug Martin says:

    John, thanks for the post about LookLater.

    Just to give your readers an idea of some of the “neat features”:

    – its completely private so you can bookmark anything
    – 1 click bookmarking of any link, page _or_ image
    – Searchable “googlelike” interface of your bookmarks
    – Built-in tools to tag your bookmarks at the various social bookmarking sites or via a cached version of the page from Google, search Amazon using the bookmark title and more
    – Private RSS and private tags to organize and use your bookmarks any way you want

    Thanks for the mention and I hope you have time to checkout LookLater something in the future.

  2. I took Relona for a test drive and was really impressed. I’ve linked to it from my sidebar.

  3. mike perns says:

    the link to is great, thanks

  4. Mary says:

    thanks for the post about Relona, it´s interesting for me.

  5. Manuel says:

    very good informations doug, thanks a lot

  6. esport says:

    the clipart link are very usefully, great

    thank you