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Too Much Stuff

By - November 08, 2005

Apologies, Searchbloggers, for my absence. Travel plus some Real Life stuff have intervened on my abilities to properly post.

Meantime, much afoot. Here are some highlights.

Looksmart is branching into vertical search in a big way. Reactions are varied.

Searchblogger Chris Zaharias has started a site on SEM. Find it here.

Google launched Google Local for Mobile. Reactions here. Yahoo also launched mobile apps, integrating with SBC. More (on both) here (reg required).

Meanwhile, Yahoo hooks up with Tivo (SER).

Vint Cerf, now at Google, writes at length on the issue of net neutrality, which is heating up due to hearings on the issue, and I’m guessing that there is a serious chance the Bells and their ilk may well win this.

Just so you guys know, I did read the NYT on Yahoo and Google this weekend. Honestly, fine pieces. I just was traveling Sunday….

Murdoch sees opp in distribution business in US. Target: Comcast.

Topix stripes its service via 15,000 weblogs. Details here.

Wired sponsoring a debate on Google Print. This should be good.

MSN AdCenter is improving (SEW). Met the fellow behind this at Adtech, looking forward to learning more.

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