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The Search Is Reviewed By The NYT

By - November 21, 2005

With David’s book as well. It’s a combo deal. Ugh. I knew that was going to happen. But I’m pleased with it, regardless. From it:

“The Google Story” and “The Search” cast those accomplishments in opposite lights. While they overlap considerably – and while both books flatter Google with covers that mimic its brilliantly modest logo – they interpret Google’s ethics and future prospects differently. The sky’s the limit in “The Google Story,” a glowing, sometimes credulous testament to “that Googley sense of magic.” Mr. Battelle takes a more knowing, technical approach and is more inclined to look for trouble.

I’ll take that.

OK, on to the FT awards. A fun day in London today. What a swell city….

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6 thoughts on “The Search Is Reviewed By The NYT

  1. New York says:

    Finished The Search a couple of weeks ago, and just starting The Google Story. The Search is infinitely more sophisticated and insightful – to the point that I find the The Google Story significantly less credible (and interesting).

  2. Soren Gordhamer says:

    Nice piece. I enjoyed it.

  3. Ive never seen such an overly biased blog. Why dont you call it the google blog?

  4. Rob says:

    I’ve always seen Yahoo (through Goto/Overture) as *the* true innovator in the business of search.

    Without Goto pioneering the way with CPC in the 90’s would Google be public?

    Moreover, would it even exist?

    Personally, i doubt it.

  5. Licia says:

    El berrinche nunca es bueno, hay q animarse a slatar un poco. Siguiendo esta politica el doctor Row se animo a tirarse al agua.