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Core Principles

By - November 25, 2005

200511251031This is not really search related, but…in a broader sense, in fact it is. Read this link. What do you think? If you think the woman should have to show ID when some low level bozo cop boards the bus, then prepare to have your entire clickstream similarly demanded, on equally flimsy pretense. Scary. I hope she wins.

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Holiday Round Up, and Watch that Ex-Googler Site

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A fun “blind taste test” between Yahoo, MSN, and Google is here. Really interesting.

Google is starting to poke around the pay per call market, and the company has also begun accepting local merchant info into its Froogle application. Whether local merchants will list is an open question, for more read the wine anecdote.

Google also announced a $3 million gift to the LoC for its digital library project. The Print/Book Search issue is really not going away, by the way, and remains a seminal debate. More to come on that, interesting to note folks changing sides on the issue…

Ask and GoFish announce multimedia search deal.

Via Silicon Beat, Pandora, a music search site, takes in $12 million. This feels like a hell of a lot. Also from SB, Dipsie, which has been very quiet for a year, has launched with a different, deep web model.

Dick Costolo is thinking hard about how to make RSS better. Read this post. (And this one from Fred).

Watch this site: Xooglers, the blog of Google’s former Director of Consumer Marketing Doug Edwards (he left after five years, he acknowledges that “my life is good”). The posts are fascinating. From one of them:

It’s a long story, but one I now have lots of time to tell. This blog is partly about that, but mostly about what happened during the following five years and three months, while I served as Director of Consumer Marketing and Brand Management for Google.

For the last eight months, I’ve been gathering my thoughts in preparation for writing a book. That may still be forthcoming, but the more I think about it, the more convinced I become that a book would not be the Google way to do this.

And another:

Your S.A.T. score was the measure of your intellectual capability; your GPA represented the numerical summary of your ability to execute on that potential. Your value to Google could be plotted using those two data points.

Sergey’s desire to reduce every decision to an equation would cause me a fair amount of frustration in the years to come. While it forced a discipline on me that was likely lacking in my career up to that point, it also went against my deeply-held conviction that some things are not expressible simply by deriving the correct algorithm.

Google Separates AdSense, AdWords Bidding

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In other words, you can now bid just for ads, or for content-driven ads from AdSense. There was a lot of confusion in the marketplace prior to this, now we’ll see the two products really evolve independently. MediaPost coverage.

Just In

By - November 22, 2005

A long flight from London. And lots of news. Will post a digest before Turkey….hope all of you have a great holiday, or if you are not in the US, that you bear with us as we take stock and give thanks…

FT Award: Friedman Wins

By - November 21, 2005

Alas, The Search did not win the FT Business Book of the Year award. But I’m happy to be in the company of those who were shortlisted, and Thomas Friedman, who won. News first came from Pravda, oddly, but I was there, and it was a fun night nonetheless…

Search Engine Usage Keeps Growing

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This feels like dog bites man but…

SEARCH ENGINE USE HAS CONTINUED to surge in the last year, according to a new report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project and comScore Networks. Forty-one percent of 1,577 Internet users surveyed by Pew in September and October reported that they had visited a search engine the previous day. When Pew conducted a similar survey in June of 2004, just 30 percent of Web users said the same. In fact, the only Web activity more popular than searching was using e-mail; about 52 percent of U.S. Web users told Pew researchers they had sent or received e-mail on the day before being surveyed this fall.

The Search Is Reviewed By The NYT

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With David’s book as well. It’s a combo deal. Ugh. I knew that was going to happen. But I’m pleased with it, regardless. From it:

“The Google Story” and “The Search” cast those accomplishments in opposite lights. While they overlap considerably – and while both books flatter Google with covers that mimic its brilliantly modest logo – they interpret Google’s ethics and future prospects differently. The sky’s the limit in “The Google Story,” a glowing, sometimes credulous testament to “that Googley sense of magic.” Mr. Battelle takes a more knowing, technical approach and is more inclined to look for trouble.

I’ll take that.

OK, on to the FT awards. A fun day in London today. What a swell city….

Start The Week

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I’ve just got back from participating in BBC radio’s “Start the Week” – an analogy for which does not really exist in the US, sadly. It’s a conversation between four pretty different folks, each Monday morning. Apparently a lot of people listen to the show here in the UK. Today it was me, Clive Stafford Smith, PD James, and Frederic Raphael. The program will be available here. Next up is more BBC and then CNN and some newspapers. Wow. This is all buildup to the main event tonight, which is the book awards ceremony. It’s a pretty big deal, the #2 man in govt. here, Gordon Brown, will be giving out the award. I very much expect Freakonomics to win, it’s the hands down runaway favorite….In any case, it’s been great fun to be here, and to see a few Searchblog readers. I hope I meet many more, the ones I have met are extremely interesting folks….