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Mobissimo Does One Box

By - November 30, 2005


No doubt this project was hastened by Google’s new approach to travel search. From the release:

Mobissimo One-Box Search technology allows customers to find online travel deals even more quickly and easily as it eliminates the need for customers to check multiple boxes, click calendars or type text in forms to obtain the best fares and rates for airfare, hotels and car rentals. Mobissimo’s One-Box Search processes information in just the way that consumers think. The user merely types in the departure city, the destination city and the dates.

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4 thoughts on “Mobissimo Does One Box

  1. I believe the founder actually studied with Larry and Sergey:

    “Svetlozar Nestorov is a computer-science grad who studied data-mining with the founders of Google (GOOG ) and last year launched travel search engine Mobissimo. “

  2. they’ve got the right idea, but the current dichotomy of ‘here is structured input form, link to unstructured input form’ needs to be eliminated

  3. gary price says:

    In some cases you will get a direct answer and not have to go back to a form to enter or verify data (such as what airport).

    Try this one-box search:
    Seattle to Calgary Feb 14 to Mar 15

    Btw, MSN Maps has offered a box that allows you to copy and paste in an address (20 countries available) and not have to fill in the address form. This feature has been available for well over a year.
    and note the paste an address option.

  4. Has anyone looked into voice powered search? It seems like the final frontier fro search (unless ESP evolves ;-).

    We have done some fun things with search at The US Condo Exchange,, and think that there is a long way for search technology to grow. Mobissimo’s approach is an interesting one, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    One thing we are sure of…simpler is better.

    warm regards,