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HOT: London Update-New Location!

By - November 19, 2005

Alas, the fabled Atlantic has recently closed, so we’ve moved the London get together to another location.


100 Wardour St.

London (Soho)

020 7314 4000

See you all there at 6.30-7ish tonight! First round on me….

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3 thoughts on “HOT: London Update-New Location!

  1. david says:

    this is a test to see how often we read your blog, right?

  2. philipc says:

    Well not actually closed, as those of us for whom the change of venue message came too late, discovered… just a lttle less happening than in its hayday.

    It was a shame about the last minute switch, John, as I was looking forward to meeting you. Please let me know when you’re next in London.

  3. Majied says:

    I missed you as well John – had a good chat with Philipc at the Atlantic though! Maybe I should enter the 21st C and get an internet phone… Hopefully I will catch you some other time.