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Yahoo Buys WhereOnEarth

By - October 18, 2005

Yahoo announces the deal on its blog. Whereonearth is a local search company with wifi location based services, just like the company Google is working with. All Yahoo needs now is to become a Wifi ISP a la Google’s ambitions, and it can pinpoint you down to the hotspot. Oh wait, it has deals with SBC, Bellsouth, and Verizon, which just so happens to be a huge Wifi provider….

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo Buys WhereOnEarth

  1. John,
    You might want to say that SBC is the huge wi-fi provider, VZ denigrates wi-fi in favor of EV-DO, and they pulled their payphone deployment ages ago. I have no clue what Bellsouth is up to in that dept.

  2. Tom Olgin says:

    In addition to wireless offerings, Whereonearth has international geo-coding technology that can be used to enhance local search, local advertising, personalization, etc. I looked into it a while back, very neat stuff.

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