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What Are Those Ads Over There—>?

By - October 08, 2005

Readers may have noticed Intel ads on the right. These are new, indeed, a product of Searchblog’s joining the FM network. Please tell me if they bum you out, but it’s all part of the alpha phase of FM’s rollout. They’ll go away, and others will follow, I hope. I’m very excited, now that Web 2 has occurred, to focus entirely on FM. Many others, including Om, Glenn, Boing Boing, and Matt, are coming along for the ride….

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10 thoughts on “What Are Those Ads Over There—>?

  1. Ads in the right sidebar are invisible to me. Good luck with FM.

  2. BillSaysThis says:

    Ads are fine by me, its your site, but I’m seeing the ads at the bottom of the center content div rather than the right sidebar in IE6 and FF1.0.7 (and Flock 0.2). On the main page ( the ads are in the right div.

  3. ethan says:

    Hey John. Awesome conference, and I had a lot of fun. Good luck with FM networks. I’ll be interested to see how it works, as I used to work in the New Media arm of a publishing conglomerate and have always been fascinated with new methods of media conglomeration and collaboration.

  4. xman says:

    Ads are an offensive intrusion. Luckily I have a variety of technologies that will remove them before I am forced to look at them (and force is what is being used). However if they do manage to obtrude I will stop reading this site.

  5. vanderwal says:

    I am not bothered by the ads, but it is good if they are appropriate for the content and if they do not slow down the page load.

    The second issue is my largest complaint with ads on the web these days. Many ads are poorly developed and cause a simple page load to seemingly take for ever. Many people have broadband, but the poor souls making the ads continue to want to push the experience back to the days of dial-up. It would be great of people implementing the ads on their sites would educate the advertisers on how to build ads like the web was built in 2002 (at least).

    Fortunately for me there are ad blocking tools in Firefox and other browsers. But, this breaks the conversation, now doesn’t it? The best solution is polite ads that don’t break the user’s web browsing experience.

  6. Ole Eichhorn says:

    Firefox… Adblock… Ads? What ads?

  7. It’s puzzling to me why blog publishers show CPC ads to their regular readers, when it’s clear (at least using the data I’ve seen) that the vast majority of clicks come from non-readers via search engine referrals.

    Is FM going to allow publishers to provide an option to show the ads mainly to non-subscribers?

  8. Jay says:

    People who complain about ads are the same people who tip poorly at restaurants and who complain that their taxes are too high. They are selfish and they feel entitled.

  9. Harry says:

    Why should anybody be bummed by ads on a blog that provides incredible value for free? People who are offended by ads must also be offended by free market capitalism.

  10. MikeM says:

    Show ads only to non-subscribers? Wwhhaattt?
    If an ad is contextualized well I click and look!

    Nice product John, as good as anything I’ve encountered anywhere. I find it to be unobtrusive and it balances the page well.