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Web 2 Brin Interview Up

By - October 31, 2005

Sergey stopped by Web 2.0 earlier this month and I interviewed him for about thirty minutes. You can find it on IT Conversations. From the summary:

Sergey Brin talks about his own journey Stanford University graduate to Google co-founder. Attributing much of Google’s success to luck, he says that he just followed his interests. While being at the heart of Silicon Valley was obviously fortuitous, it was not one of Brin’s motives in choosing Stanford as a graduate school.

When asked about Yahoo CEO Terry Semel’s comment that Google is number four in the list of internet portals, Sergey wittily responds that it means that Google is an underdog. He further elaborates on this topic by saying that he would like to think more as Google as a technology leader rather than a content rich portal. Google also does not want to follow Microsoft’s “embrace and extend” philosophy to kill off smaller innovative companies.

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4 thoughts on “Web 2 Brin Interview Up

  1. 🙂 This is TRULY a historical masterpiece!

    However, there are a few vital concerns that could have been addressed and explored:

    – Brin did approach different Search Engine Companies in the beginning about Google’s Technology and was turned down – Why and What effect did this have?

    – How did the concept of Link Popularity first come to his attention, and his nurturing of this theory?

    – Why is there a PERCEPTION that Click Fraud has gotten out of control – to the point of Class Action Suites!

  2. domain says:

    Sergey Brin always talk about his own journey Stanford University graduate to Google co-founder ;-(

  3. @ sportergebnisse … i hope that this idea goes under, to many people goes the wrong way to earn the money

  4. frank says:

    This post seems to violate one of the terms of the Google AdSense program: “You shall not promote or facilitate a Referral Event by any means other than displaying a Referral Button on the Site, unless expressly authorized in writing by Google”.