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Quite Possibly, the Best Review Ever

By - October 28, 2005

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At MediaPost, Gord Hotchkiss, a search consultant, wrote the kind of review every author wants to get. What might that be, you ask? A rave? Well, sure. A review that understands the core intent of your work? Most certainly. But what really got me was the comparison to a high school sweetheart turned pinup girl:

Reading it was a unique experience for me. It was addictive, like literary crack. I devoured it in huge gulps. I can’t recall the last time I read a book in such a short time. Look, They’re Writing About Us!…”The Search” is unlike any previous volume written on search. There have been several “how-to” books that have explored the mechanics of search, both from a user’s and marketer’s perspective. But Battelle for the first time explores search as a business and social phenomenon. Not only that, he muses that it might be THE social phenomenon, with world-shattering implications. For anyone who has grown up in search, it’s like seeing your high school sweetheart become a world-famous centerfold. “See, I told you she was hot. No one believed me!”

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5 thoughts on “Quite Possibly, the Best Review Ever

  1. Gord Hotchkiss says:

    Hey..thanks John!

  2. Mike Holley says:

    John, I have to agree with Mr. Hotchkiss. I received your book at the ThinkEquity event last week and finished it in a couple of days. Thanks for speaking and plugging your blog. I am now an avid reader.

    Keep up the great posts,

    Thanks for again!

  3. JC says:

    näl peeps!

  4. Gotta agree it’s a great book!

  5. Fergus Burns says:

    Hi John

    You may find this picture funny

    A group of us Irish companies attended the web2.0 conference – your book was mandatory reading before hand. (check