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On Google And TV Ads

By - October 27, 2005

It is inevitable, to my mind, that Google will get into brokering television ads. But the rumors running around the web (BB has a good round up) feel a bit premature. My guess is we’ll see a test in the next few quarters…

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5 thoughts on “On Google And TV Ads

  1. v says:

    I think it makes sense for nearly all media outlets to switch to brokered ads. Wouldn’t it be nice for a network exec to be able to cut the expense of sales to concentrate on generating media people will watch? By the same token, I expect that we would then see ABC and the NYT and the other big media outlets generating programming that would generate higher revenue. Sigh. Well I guess we would have sitcoms about mesothelioma that the networks really put their heart into.

    maybe we should all buy stock in Google and HBO.

  2. Well it definitely could be a good idea to buy into Google:

    Most likely TV will also run over IP in the future. And Google is the one building the global sceleton for this currently.. including fiber optics and Wi-Fi to come.

  3. shoelover says:

    The question is, are we going to see full 30/60 second spots or the the equivalent to current google adsense – short “micro-ads” relevant specifically to the demographics of the show, or possibly your web surfing habits – especially because this will all be IP based soon

  4. Zack Handley says:

    Google will have significant push back from Mad Ave initially but logic will win eventually.

    There are so many smart Ecomm Groups in the Fortune 500 that feel agencies are holding them back. Cost too much. Are too cumbersome.

    This will be HUGE.

  5. This should be reviewed with their new YouTube acquisition.