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Links for Today: Real,, Brin, More

By - October 11, 2005

I’m running between book stuff, so a few things of note. First, it was fun to meet a few readers last night, one of whom was from Real, which settled its differences with MSFT today, so congrats on that!

Second, chris’s mobile engine launched yesterday. SEW coverage here. I think this is the definition of a neat hack.

Third, I should note for those of you who missed it, that Sergey Brin stopped by the Web 2.0 conference last Friday and I had a chance to interview him on stage. That was fun, as it was both unexpected and great timing, as I had already interviewed Diller, Semel, Medhi, and Miller, all of whom had things to say about Google. So Brin got to answer them. Coverage here.

Fourth, Xeni Jardin of BB has written another op ed, this one about Yahoo both launching Kevin Site’s site as well as helping to jail a Chinese journalist via the Database of Intentions…

Fifth, Seth Godin is going to soon launch Squidoo, which has a very interesting, search aware/driven model. More from Jarvis here.

And finally, SEW shows you how Google is getting into tagging….

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One thought on “Links for Today: Real,, Brin, More

  1. Noel Guinane says:

    My thoughts on Squidgy

    Sort of like Seth Godin’s Squidoo …

    Read the whole debate here