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Google And Sun

By - October 04, 2005

As most have probably read elsewhere, Google and Sun plan an announcement today – the speculation is that Google will host an “Office Killer” on its infrastructure, featuring StarOffice from Sun.

Why Google needs to directly poke Microsoft in the eye, is beyond me, but I’ll wait for the details….clearly Sun and Google have a long co-mingled history (in people and financiers) …

Update: It’s a pact for Sun’s desktop and office, alright. I really don’t understand why Google wants to do this. But I’ll keep staring at it. T’rati search.

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2 thoughts on “Google And Sun

  1. I think it is obvious why Google wants to “poke Microsoft in the eye”. Both companies are fiercely racing to the clear leader, because they know, that number two in this game will be in a declining situation. I think Google can and will hurt substantial Microsoft revenue by supplying free Java Dektop and Open Office from Sun to all its users. By doing this, they will cripple Microsoft’s revenue and thereby crippling Microsoft’s opportunity to catch up with Google. Also they might be able to get a lot of happy users on the combined Google-Sun offering, and this way reducing the succes of Microsoft’s many years delayed Longhorn-now Vista operating system with MSN search integrated everywhere.

    I wrote more about this on my blog recently on:

    I would love to get some comments 😉

    I think Microsoft has failed and this is the start of a long and serious decline for the company. They had their chance, but Google now taking advantage of Internet distribution will be the new leader – also in software. One advantage – you will never have to worry about your harddisk breaking down or where you stored the last version of your precious files. They will be hosted by Google safe and secure – with backup and virus protection.

  2. What’s the big deal? Google and Sun work together. Officially. Microsoft is the target. Period.