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A Busca

By - October 22, 2005

AbuscaOK, this is entirely self referential, but I just love seeing the cover of my book in Portuguese. Here’s the Brazilian version of The Search – a Busca. I must say, the Brazilian press has been a joy to work with.

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10 thoughts on “A Busca

  1. That’s great to hear! I’ll be sure to pick up a copy next time I drop by my local bookshop.


  2. Alex Dorph says:

    🙂 Busca! (BOOOSKKKAAAAA).

    Looks cool man. Is it a point of pride to hae a text in so many different nations?

  3. Victor Lopes says:

    Hi Mr. John Battelle! I am writting from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, just to congratulate you for your great work making “The Search”.
    I´ve already read a few parts of your book and ordered one copy in Portuguese already! I am looking forward to read it all!
    I am finishing my Marketing undergraduate major and Google will be the main subject of my final paper.
    I will try to show how google is/will affect(ing)
    the marketing practices, including buzz marketing and CRM.

    Your book will help me a lot!

    Best regards!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations for the book and success with the Brazilian press!

    Best regards,
    Jennifer (from Sao Paulo)

  5. Cool. Do you know how many languages/ countries the book will be available in?

  6. Kord Davis says:

    Mr. Batelle,

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. I enjoy your research and writing–and the subject is fascinating, but I’ve been meaning to ask for over a year.

    Why is it that when you link an image in your posts, it pops open a new window, much like I’d expect, but the image isn’t any bigger? Maybe its just me, but, for example, when I see a thumbnail of your book in Portuguese and I click on it, I’m expecting to see a larger/hi-res version.

    Is it me?

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  7. I easily read your book in the original English, but is very nice to have a translation in Portuguese.

    Do you have any thing in mind particularly to the Portuguese market?


  8. pwb says:

    Are you going to correct the idiot who wrote in to Wired claiming that TBL inventing the web is a “misconception”? And chide Wired for printing such drivel?

  9. Fredric Alan Maxwell says:

    Having had my last book, BAD BOY BALLMER, translated into six languages, I can attest to what a rush it is to see your work in another language. The problem is whether or not they translated the work properly — one of the reason Hillary Rodham Clinton didn’t allow her memoir to be published in China. One woman who reads Madarin Chinese looked at the translation of the text and told me that BAD BOY BALLMER became EVIL BALLMER. That could be because Ballmer called Linux “Communist,” after he said “to hell with Janet Reno.” Wonder if the new biography of Mao will be published there; if so, what it will read like? But congrats, John. It’s not like Brazil is scanning your book and ditigitizing it and making it avaiable to anyone on the web. That would be …

  10. Hey John,

    The Brazilian SEM comunity is very happy about our native language version, we acquired both versions (english and portuguese) to our offices. Congrats!

    Kavinski (Sao Paulo – Brazil)