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SEW Review

By - September 15, 2005

A few weeks ago I was “quoted” by the Onion in a spoof on Google, and I thought that pretty much capped my entire career as an observer of the internet world. But today I was reading through my emails as I was awaiting my turn on yet another radio show, and up popped Search Engine Watch’s daily email. “Search as the Great New Game” was the title, which sounded interesting, so I pulled it up.

I was stunned to see that it was Chris Sherman’s review of my book, and not only that, he really liked it. And Danny also filed a blog post which had really kind things to say as well (and a few corrections and disagreements, which I will get about addressing in the next edition).

Now I can truly say that my work was worth it. I’m deeply honored. Thanks, Chris, Danny, and Gary, it means the world to me, it truly does.

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  • Glenn Fleishman

    Just so you know how much a care about your book, I have a three-foot tall reproduction of the cover in my office. It’s not mine, of course, but the book event person I share space with. Still, it’s the thought that counts.

  • Chris Sherman

    You’re most welcome, John. You really knocked the cover off the ball with the book. Enjoy the kudos, and then as Danny said, get cracking on The Search, Part 2!

  • Denis Restein

    I’m half way into the book and it’s the first time I feel someone’s addressing what’s been tormenting me ever since i first typed The book is a true milestone in every sense.

  • Rich Jerk

    I just bought two cars and a yacht ..did you?