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New York Book Event Details

By - September 20, 2005

New York SkySo we have a time, date, and location for my New York pitstop:

Wednesday 9/21

6:00 pm

Coliseum Books

11 West 42nd Street, NYC

Between 5th and 6th Aves, across from Bryant Park

(212) 803-5890

Hope to see all you New York Searchbloggers there!

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7 thoughts on “New York Book Event Details

  1. Eric Olson says:

    Are you going to be stopping by Boston any time soon?

  2. Or Washington, DC for that matter?

  3. When I went by Coliseum Books last night, they did not know anything about the meeting…but I’ll be there anyway —

  4. Damn! I have a meeting at 4:30 in Queens. How long will you be there?

  5. Yaron Galai says:

    I just hopped down to Colesium Books (it’s on the 1st floor of Quigo’s building!), and they are not aware of this happening today. There is a different book reading scheduled for 6:30. So it seems like John got the wrong date in the post…

  6. not to worry, it’s on, it’s just that it was sort of last minute, hence the confusion.

  7. Charles Uniman says:

    Thanks for the meet-up at Coliseum Books in NYC. The breadth of your knowledge of the tech world is staggering. Many wonderful insights. It was really like a great conversation among friends.