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ZDNet: Interview with New Yahoo Search Guru

By - August 05, 2005

Dan Farber has a good post about Prabhakar Raghavan, who now runs Yahoo’s research.

From it:

Raghavan, who spent 14 years doing search and data mining-related research at IBM and was lured from his stint as CTO of enterprise search vendor Verity, told me that he intends “to go after the best in world and to get them.”

…Regarding search, Raghavan said, “We have two views of better search. Most people are not interested in search—they want to get things done. The future has to be more friendly to people getting tasks done. You don’t want to spend two weeks of evenings sitting at a keyboard and piecing together a vacation plan. You want a system to go out and find the answers, based on future technology that goes beyond crawling and indexing page.”

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One thought on “ZDNet: Interview with New Yahoo Search Guru

  1. ina says:

    what about the use of the semantic web and semantic web services to help you book that vacation?