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What Will Google Talk Be?

By - August 23, 2005

Dirson (he found is live, but not responding) and many others, including the NYT yesterday, have been speculating about a new communications tool promised out of the Googleplex for tomorrow. I’ve heard it’s anything from an IM client to full blown free WiFi for the masses. I have no special insight into this, but I do believe IM is a no brainer. MSFT, Yahoo, and AOL all have IM clients. IM ties folks to a platform, and that’s what Google is building with Desktop et al. VOIP is another possibility. Om and others have found that Google is running a Jabber client, for example, and speculate that Google is about to introduce a VOIP/IM meta client that works with multiple IM clients. That would certainly be cool.

In any case, stay tuned. The other shoe will drop Weds.

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3 thoughts on “What Will Google Talk Be?

  1. Loren Baker says:

    Hey John, thanks for the mention. Speaking of Talk, I’m looking for some folks to join a Search Engine Marketers Fantasy Football League at Yahoo (for some trash talkin’).

    If you are interested, the league is at

    League ID#: 345215
    Password: msnkeywords

  2. Jay Cody says:

    If you want a screenshot for Google Talk, go here:

  3. John Stones says:

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