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Veronis Suhler Makes the Leap

By - August 16, 2005

From the beginning of my career in media I would watch the Veronis Suhler forecast on media, it was not only pretty considered, it was also used by most entrepreneurs to justify their next magazine launch or cable channel. At times I could not get my hands on it, but I recall early in the Wired years we used it to justify how big the technology/culture space was going to get.

This year’s report is out and apparently it delineates, for the first time, between “new” and “traditional” forms of media, and furthermore pegs the new media percentage of dollars at about 17% of all ad spending last year, growing to more than 26% by 2009. MediaPost has a report here.

The MediaPost report notes that others view Veronis’ numbers as too conservative, ad agency Carat, for example, thinks digital spending will hit 50% in two years. This all depends on what comprises “digital spending.” Digital TV? Then the 50% is an easy target. No digital TV? Then perhaps Veronis is more in line….As with every year, I’d sure love to see the full report. It runs nearly two thousand bucks though, so I’ll have to watch from the cheap seats.

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2 thoughts on “Veronis Suhler Makes the Leap

  1. Tim Converse says:

    John says: “It runs nearly two thousand bucks though, so I’ll have to watch from the cheap seats.”

    That’s funny — that’s exactly the way I feel about your Web 2.0 conference. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for bringing the VSS Communications Industry Forecast into discussion. Just as a note, the summary chapter is available for free download off of our website where VSS also sells the CIF chapter-by-chapter. In addition, a discount is available for those who sign up for automatic renewal. Hope you are well and thank you for the interest in the Forecast! (P.S., If you are interested in getting on our email list for pre-order discounts, let me know.)