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Trying Out YPN

By - August 04, 2005

Ypn-1Astute readers will have already noticed that I am trying out Yahoo Publisher Network ads on the site. So far, the ads ain’t exactly perfect, but, so far, none of the systems I’ve tested have been. Now, I’m not allowed to direct traffic to them, it breaks Yahoo’s TOS, so I won’t tell you where they are. But if you do notice em, feel free to tell me what you think. (And yeah, I’ve noticed they seem to be cut off. Working on that. I’m not exactly a code jockey….)

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2 thoughts on “Trying Out YPN

  1. Anthony Eden says:

    The titles go off the side of the ad on Firefox so you only see part of the ad.

  2. Kevin Burton says:

    They seem a bit longer than Google adwords.

    Also you might consider changing colors as it helps reduce ad blindness.