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3 thoughts on “Searchblog Makes the Onion: Google Purge

  1. Adam says:

    I’m actually a little suprised how long it took. Google’s corporate PR has been way too cute for way too long. We’ve all been willing to indulge them because we love their products, but Google the advertising/search/media juggernaut is not quite as loveable…

  2. John says:

    I am a huge Google fan, but I am not surprised the tide is turning. It seems for a fair while (many months) there have been two forces at play. The first, and still by far the stronger force, is those that are eagerly awaiting any news from Google and make a huge deal out of things (even when they really don’t amount to much). Second, is the group that now thinks most anything Google does must have some devious purpose. I would imagine the second camp will continue to grow.

    I must admit I find the desire to criticize those that have been successful annoying. It is not that such behavior is bad, in and of itself, but rather the extent to which we seem to want to bring anyone, or anything, that has done well back down. We seem to love building people (and in this case Google) up just to rip them back down. It is not as common to idealize a company but it happens (and Google is a perfect example now).

    We don’t seem to like rooting for the overdog. We don’t even want to. It seems to me most would rather root against the overdog and would be less than happy if the overdog were actually worthy of praise (we want to complain and tear down the overdog and root for the underdog). Google has quickly moved from the underdog to the overdog in many people’s minds.

  3. See, Brandt WAS right!

    Hey, John, I’m going to try to grab ten or so print copies. Do you have one, and do you want one? Email me.