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Kottke Hits the Web OS Memebar Again….

By - August 24, 2005

And it’s another fun read. Jason ties together the Google Desktop (which he reminds us was launched as “Desktop Search” but is now just, well, your “Desktop…..”), local web servers, and next generation web apps and browsers. In short, he is saying, the Web OS is nearly here. It’s why Yahoo bought Konfabulator, and why MSFT is integrating the web into Vista, it’s Apple’s strategy too. A good overview….

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4 thoughts on “Kottke Hits the Web OS Memebar Again….

  1. Shervin says:


    It’s a bit hard to hold my tongue when Fredrik Malmer, Erik Arvidsson (of WebFX fame), Dan Steinman (of fame) and Drew Morris and I helped create the WebOS meme back in 1999 when we launched As you know, we were the original AJAXian predecessor complete with the WebOS API, WebOS Desktop (with windowing capabilities, Web Office apps and Web File system) and a “Maggie” demonstration that was basically Outlook made completely from the WebOS API. The top guys at Yahoo all saw our stuff and knew our vision back then. It is no surprise they see that the time is now to execute on it.

    I just find it funny that people are trying to “predict a future” that was already defined and well demonstrated in the past (over 5 years ago).

    It makes me think we need to revive and go for it all over again!



  2. Hey Shervin – Eveything old is new again. I felt that way when Talking Points Memo and Instapundit took off, and we did Netizen back at Wired in 1996. ….

  3. Hi John,

    Good point…Everything old IS new but I hope people remember the morphological/genetic roots of these supposably new fangled ideas.Especially when they were so well developed in the past. Wired changed the entire tech publishing world and more and has lasted. I am very tempted to start a blog on WebOS ideas on the old site. I’ll get working on the blog so people can see some of the history of the WebOS space, including competitors like and others, who helped pioneer the space. It would be great to get different WebOS space people to contribute. Also, we have to give props to Dr. Amin Vahdat, who did his PhD at UC Berkeley on WebOS (he’s a CS professor at UC-San Diego now). Amin worked with as Chief Scientist.

    Google just hired a very key person in this space. I will tell you about it later.

    Great job on the book! It’s been great following its developments (even though you didn’t use my great title 😉 I will do a great review on Amazon once I get the book in about 14 days or so.

    I should see you at the Web 2.0 conference (when will be renamed Web 3.0 I wonder?). I’ll be there on representing (we are growing by 1 million users every 60 days!). Our blogging service will be launched there.



  4. muhabbet says:

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