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Google Talk

By - August 23, 2005

GoogletalksmIs leaking out…audio and IM…more to come

I’m on Google Talk Right Now” reports

Apparently all you need is a Jabber-compatible IM client (like iChat) and a gmail account. Now folks, tell me this is not a major community play. Just tell me.

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6 thoughts on “Google Talk

  1. John, I think you’ll be interested in our review of the official Google Talk client, complete with screenshots, at Download Squad:

  2. Sorry, here’s the clickable link:

    Google Talk Review at Download Squad.

  3. jr says:

    Meh, cutting edge 1995 technology. Seriously, this is what they’ve been working on for three years?

    Ah well, at least slashdot won’t have to write their own chat client now.

  4. kyle says:

    I’m kinda bummed. Given how awesome google maps and desktop were I was expecting more. The voice part sounds good, but it’s otherwise pretty much featureless and the fact that I can add clients of other services like AIM and Yahoo (ala trillian and qnext) is a signifigant bummer.

  5. Neel Dhamdhere says:

    Interesting! Same Google clean n’ crisp feel to the Talk client. Was expecting to see search integrated into the client.

  6. A mediocre chat client isn’t “community” no matter what definition of the term you use.