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Google Talk

By - August 23, 2005

GoogletalksmIs leaking out…audio and IM…more to come

I’m on Google Talk Right Now” reports

Apparently all you need is a Jabber-compatible IM client (like iChat) and a gmail account. Now folks, tell me this is not a major community play. Just tell me.

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  • Jordan Running

    John, I think you’ll be interested in our review of the official Google Talk client, complete with screenshots, at Download Squad:

  • Jordan Running

    Sorry, here’s the clickable link:

    Google Talk Review at Download Squad.

  • jr

    Meh, cutting edge 1995 technology. Seriously, this is what they’ve been working on for three years?

    Ah well, at least slashdot won’t have to write their own chat client now.

  • kyle

    I’m kinda bummed. Given how awesome google maps and desktop were I was expecting more. The voice part sounds good, but it’s otherwise pretty much featureless and the fact that I can add clients of other services like AIM and Yahoo (ala trillian and qnext) is a signifigant bummer.

  • Neel Dhamdhere

    Interesting! Same Google clean n’ crisp feel to the Talk client. Was expecting to see search integrated into the client.

  • Jeffrey McManus

    A mediocre chat client isn’t “community” no matter what definition of the term you use.