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Blog Study Says: Blogs = Good Audience

By - August 08, 2005

This is not a surprise, but Comscore, backed by Gawker and Six Apart, reports that those who read blogs are wealthier, younger, and probably thinner than the rest of the world. Also, nearly a third of online Americans have visited blogs. As someone who is starting a business in the blog space, I’m pleased. But I hope we remember as we generalize about “the blogging audience” that at the end of the day, it’s not about generalizing, it’s about endemic, passionate communities….

Nick has a good write up here. InternetWeek here.

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One thought on “Blog Study Says: Blogs = Good Audience

  1. Hulk's Blog says:

    The Incredible Hulk says bloggers are stronger too! 😉

    Seriousely, you were/are way ahead of the pack on this one John – us “Puny Humans” appreciate the insights – keep up the nice work.