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A Blogging Case to Watch

By - August 31, 2005

Aaron Wall, who writes the SEOBook search optimization blog, has been sued by Traffic Power (I am not giving them any link love) over comments on his blog. On its face, this seems outlandish – free and open commenting on blogs should be protected – but there are complications regarding trade secrets and SEOBook’s competition with Traffic Power, which is much maligned in the search world, to judge by its Google results. Slashdot has a thread on it here. The WSJ has a good overview and free link here.

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One thought on “A Blogging Case to Watch

  1. Ignat says:

    I can’t grasp the ignorance of companies such as Traffic Power. Not only the Internet is becoming sensored to people’s comments, it also becomes a place where I always feel that I have to watch my back, in case someone decides to stab me. On Slashdot thread, there even was a guy that was pro-TrafficPower and stated that anyone bashing a product get what they deserve. Please! I know it is common sense to think before you say, but Internet is supposed to be a source of information and opinions.