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I Very Much Like This Idea

By - July 25, 2005

Logo SmallerA PVR (aka Tivo like device) which records *everything* and lets you choose what you want to watch. UK only, and only 5 channels, but Kryder’s law can fix that soon enough. File in the “What to do with all that cheap storage” department. Via BB.

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Update on MSFT Earth

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Funny item from Boing Boing: seems that inadvertently, MSFT has turned back the clock on Apple’s campus, perhaps to the good old days when Windows ruled the world….

Yahoo Buys Widget Maker

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TopJeff McManus of Yahoo emailed me to tell me of the deal. Konfabulator makes cool widgets for the Mac OS. I’ve asked him to expand on the deal for me, will update as it comes in.

Now, I don’t want to go off on too much of a Web OS riff here, but this sure smells a lot like the late 80s, when small, interesting utility companies were being bought (or destroyed) by MSFT. These days, folks are building companies to sell them to Yahoo, Google, and MSFT. It’s good to have three options … more like five, really, with AOL and IAC. Picasa, Keyhole, Konfabulator, Bloglines….

Update: First off, I was reminded by a cast of thousands that Konfabulator works with Windows too. Sorry. And Jeff has this to say in response to my question:

So the plan is to make Konfabulator free (which we did on Monday), to expand the audience for widgets from thousands to millions. Next step is to do more to support and expand the already-tremendous developer community that this product has attracted, and greatly extend the number of widgets powered by Yahoo! (and the APIs that make them possible). This will make Yahoo! better for users because it will let us go beyond the browser, creating an always-on user experience that lets you get to your Yahoo! data in a way that makes sense to you.

Thanks, Jeff!

Video Is Here on the Web, What To Do If You're AP?

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Start a video network, of course. From MediaPost coverage:

The Associated Press late last week announced plans to launch an ad-supported online video network for U.S. newspaper, TV, and radio Web sites. Expected by the fourth quarter, the network will be available through AP member Web sites to help AP and its members keep up with streaming video’s growing demand.

Reuters is also working on this, but with a direct model.

Watch this space. It’s (finally) heating up.

What A Week To Be Off…

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Google not only announced record earnings (OK, the real story would have been if they did not announce record earnings), it bought a Brazilian company as an R&D lab, and … it launched in China.

Now Google and China has been something of a fascination of mine, but I sense this is sort of a non issue now. And in any case, given that Google stole a key guy from MSFT, and then MSFT sued Google, and now Google is suing MSFT back, well, that’s certainly taking the headlines away from the whole “Is it evil or not to be in China” question.

Beyond Google’s moves, we had Yahoo’s earnings, which were inline, leading some to speculate that Yahoo’s results were disappointing (its stock did dive after). In a research report I just received (not online yet) Safa Rashtchy notes that the real story in Yahoo lately is how the company is monetizing across many revenue lines. “Over-reaction to Yahoo’s recent inline Q2 results provides an attractive buying opportunity,” he wrote. “Yahoo has shown consistent page view monetization growth over the last 10 quarters, increasing from $0.15 of revenue per average daily page in 1Q03 to $0.28 in 2Q05.”

Yahoo also launched a new rev of its index, more on that here.

Meanwhile, today MSFT launched MSN Virtual Earth, its answer to Google Earth. I love that we have massive companies competing to give us Superman views of the tops of buildings.

There’s much more, but I have to run for the morning. More soon. It’s good to be back.

Lair Bound

By - July 16, 2005

Oski SignWhen I was in college I spent a few summers pretending to know what I was doing as a counselor at UC Berkeley’s summer family camp. Now I take my own family each year. In 2003, as I recall, Yahoo bought Overture while I was at camp. Last year, my computer died upon my return. I hope this year all camp brings is news of Google’s earnings, which are slated to be announced while I am away. Here’s a link to what I am sure will be a spate of stories on the blessed event.

I’ll resume posting next Sunday. Happy summer!