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Off for A Few Days…

By - July 02, 2005

Mammoth Mt…hope you all have a great weekend. I’m in the Eastern Sierra….hoping no one announces anything….

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4 thoughts on “Off for A Few Days…

  1. Itsez says:

    You were covered today in NYTimes and I find your handling the weBLOG very well. I will track along to see how this works for a few days. Another step forward for…Authors!
    Richard Calderhead
    New York

  2. Joe Blogs says:

    Yeah, I’ve been away huntin’ and fishin’ myself. Have a great time!

  3. mike crawford says:

    where in the eastern sierra? I was hiking the south fork big pine creek trail myself on the 2nd.

    Re search business, you see any share-price value in beaten down companies like MIVA and LOOK, or did these companies miss the boat?

  4. Oceanus says:

    Can’t wait to read any details about the trip!