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2 thoughts on “In Other News

  1. Jon says:

    I agree with you on this one, why is this a story, I know I feel bad about how hard it is to buy a house in the right neighborhood. The Google people worked very hard, took some chances and were rewarded by the success of their ventures.

  2. ian says:

    c’mon, this is the story that goes right alongside all those ones about how google employees weren’t into ostentatious displays of wealth and how, even post-IPO, the parking lot was full of toyotas instead of bentleys and lamborghinis and how this was an illustration of the ‘do no harm’ aesthetic. the first thing i said to anyone who would listen was ‘yeah, they’re all buying zillion-dollar homes near palo alto.’ and here, more than a year later, i’m right.

    you should drive down to los altos or atherton and see how crazy the housing market is. where my parents live, in los altos, people are paying $2mm+ for an empty quarter-acre lot. when houses come up for sale, people buy them, knock them down, and build a huge, to-the-property line edifice, a monument to themselves and their specific taste. the neighborhood looks like disneyland: here, a huge tudorian mansion, next door a japanese shinto-inspired house, there a stucco’d monstrosity with gleaming copper everywhere. they had to create an ordinance, i believe, that specified hours for construction since it was basically going on constantly, sunday-sunday, 8am-onward.