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Update to Google Video: Hacked Already

By - June 29, 2005

According to Techdirt, the same fellow who hacked the DVD encryption – DVD Jon – has hacked the Google video player, just as we predicted. Now it plays on any site.

Update: Sure, I guess you can say it’s not a hack if it’s an open source tool, but then again, this response from Google – sent to me by Google PR – sure makes it feel like a hack:

“This modification of Google’s open source video viewer does not compromise

the integrity and security of content available from Google Video in any

way. We strongly advise Google Video users to not download this modification

because it could result in security vulnerabilities on their computer and

may disrupt their computer’s ability to access Google Video.”

In other words, “Don’t worry, publishers, you’re cool….but if you are a user, worry….”

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4 thoughts on “Update to Google Video: Hacked Already

  1. oliver says:

    didnt goog say that the player would be open source anyway? so who cares.

  2. Silly Fred says:

    Wow. Hacking an open source project.


    Welcome to the lame-media bandwagon John.

  3. giles says:

    Must have a been a slow news day for the journalist that “broke” this story. To give Jon some slack, he never said he “hacked” anything.

    Also, google have a very good point regarding user safety – they can only vouch for stuff on their own servers being “safe”..

    how can a video be dangerous you may ask?

    Ask B. Gates, how can windows run code inside a .gif file?

  4. asdfasdf says:

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