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Supreme Court Kicks, Punts

By - June 27, 2005

SupremecourtThree decisions today. You’ve heard about em already, I’m guessing. Grokster – a kick in the head, but at least they sent it back for full trial, as opposed to outlawing P2P entirely. The right of our culture to know things which otherwise may not be known, thanks to the institution of the anonymous source – not struck down, but not clarified, either: the Court punted. And lastly, the kick to the ribs: Cable companies do not have to share their monopoly networks. However, I consider this a boon – to new approaches to infrastructure and distribution, ie, Google and Yahoo, muni wifi and wimax. Let’s hope they don’t f*ck it up with walled gardens and paternal business models.

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One thought on “Supreme Court Kicks, Punts

  1. MikeM says:

    The “Googles, Yahoo’s, wifi etc.” will pass them right by.
    They cable companies don’t even see it coming.