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3 thoughts on “Now This Will Make The MPAA Happy

  1. Fenton says:

    Looks like this definitely falls under the Grokster decision. Hopefully it’s still not enough reason to sue them though.

    They should just work out some sort of pay less than a dollar to watch a video scheme for otherwise illegal material. I *know* I would be downloading an episode of The OC’s second season every night from Google if I could, but and I would buy it on dvd if I could. Why they think making me wait will make them money I dont’ know. Mark Cuban has this one right; if someone wants to give you money, don’t turn it down.

  2. Looks like this definitely falls under the Grokster decision.

    There was a 50/50 split among those making the decision as to whether companies that make possible but do not actively support copyright violations should be held liable. The majority decision was that those companies which actively enable and promote piracy (clearly not Google) could be sued.

  3. Anonymous says:

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