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More Personal

By - June 28, 2005

GoogpersGoogle is rolling out a new version of personal search today, one based on your search history rather than the rather anemic approach it previously took. More soon, but for an overview, head to SEW.

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3 thoughts on “More Personal

  1. John, while we’re on the topic of Personalized Search, wanted to bring up that Filangy lauched Personalized Search last week. In my “biased” opinion I think it’s more comprehensive than Google’s. Here are details of our implementation:

  2. Tunde Aroun says:

    We have been doing this type of thing for other two years.

    We don’t have the marketing budget to brag about it but we have been doing this type of personalize homepage for a long time.

    To see for yourself here it is

  3. roger g kitrick says:

    were are you ??