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Miva: Overthinking the Logo

By - June 15, 2005

Miva AdI just saw a Miva ad that explains how they came up with their vaguely alien logo/typeface, which honestly, I did not like much when I first saw it (Miva is the old FindWhat plus whatever they bought over the past few years). Apparently, they combined the symbol for infinity with an arrow that goes up and to the right. If ever there were an example of packaging irrational exuberance into a neat corporate logo, here it is. Then again, I did pay attention to the ad, so there you have it.

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3 thoughts on “Miva: Overthinking the Logo

  1. Ian says:

    If Miva expected us to know the meaning of their logo … they’re wrong. That being said, I find their logo works … their site is certainly more attractive and more functional than their old site.

    …do wish they would allow for a daily advertising budget rather than monthly

  2. dansroka says:

    But rationalizing an abtract logo is have the fun of creating a new design. 🙂 What’s impressive is that they actually combined three design cliches into one logo (infinity symbol, the arrow “up and to the right”, and that bright color red).

    However, they really need to work on their corportate messaging. I mean “MIVA means business.” and “Our mission is to ‘Help Your Business Grow'”. Come one, generalized messages like that could apply to anyone.

  3. jr conlin says:

    Heh, I’ll give it to them. Normally companies don’t care if you “get” their corporate logo, provided the majority of folks don’t notice it has a disturbingly close resemblance to goatse.

    As for the slogan, they blew their cash on the spiffy “teardrop with a kickstand”.

    I’d be happy to provide them one for free:
    Miva, Stays crispy in milk!