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Keyword Prices Tumble

By - June 07, 2005

Somehow, this feels right – a correction was due. Mediapost reports on the monthly Fathom release.

MORTGAGE-RELATED SEARCH TERMS DROPPED IN price by 30 percent, leading an overall decrease in average keyword prices of 15 percent from April to May, to an average of $1.66 from $1.95, according to the Fathom Online Keyword Price Index, released today.

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3 thoughts on “Keyword Prices Tumble

  1. Scott Rafer says:

    Could that be a sector-specific change tied to home loan interest rates or a seasonal home buying effect? Have overall mortgage marketing budgets dropped in parallel?

  2. KPI does not equal CPI, be forewarned.

  3. John:
    I think, to some degree, we’re seeing a sizable decrease in demand for mortgage related terms. There have been a lot of deals going on (i.e. lately that involve large players with a good number of existing eyeballs (another example: getting into the game, further weakening demand for search-based paid ads. Finally, let’s not forget that the many affiliate ads have been trimmed back (Google’s AdWords policy change of mid-January).