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Google Closes Above $300

By - June 27, 2005

Wall Street likey the video play.

BTW, interesting Slashdot comment – this fellow claims Google contacted his company asking him to upload commercial video. But he found Google’s approach maddening. Thread here. From it:

Me: How are you going to protect copyrighted material from being copied?

Google: We’re working on that.

Me: In a fee-based scenario, what “cut” does Google want?

Google: We haven’t decided.

Me: What if I upload free content and a LOT of people like/view it? How does Google make money?

Google: We reserve the right to charge the uploader if the content becomes “very popular.”

Me: Define “very popular”.

Google: We don’t know yet.

Me: Why should I upload content if you can’t answer these basic questions?

Google: You just should.

Update: Rivlin has a story on it, quotes some guy named Battelle…

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3 thoughts on “Google Closes Above $300

  1. Brian says:

    That’s quite a closer =)

  2. Extagen says:

    I really feel Google is headed to more than $350 a share. There is no reason why google should not be valued by the same standard as Yahoo. If you compare cash flow, earnings and growth rate to that of Yahoo than Google will easily go to $350.

  3. randfish says:

    John – That’s a true classic; practical the epitome of Google’s communication style across the board. Thanks for sharing.