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Bad Idea

By - June 28, 2005

From Rajat’s blog via Blogoscoped:

I installed the Greasemonkey Gmail Delete button and now Google has locked me out of my Gmail account for “between one minute and 24 hours”. I’m surprised – use Greasemonkey and Google whacks you. Oh mighty and benevolent Google, can I have my freakin’ email back?

Update: let back in after an hour.

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5 thoughts on “Bad Idea

  1. Spaceman Spiff says:

    That is so bogus. Wonder whats next. Dont click on an adword once a month, they lock you out of the search engine?

  2. Flash says:

    Hey, Google, here’s an idea: If you don’t like people making your product better, why don’t you take the hint and add a freakin’ delete button yourselves?!? It’s a royal pain-in-the-ass to delete e-mail the way Gmail is currently set-up. Drop-down menus are soooo 1999.

  3. Flash says:

    FYI: The “Smart-Delete Button” GreaseMonkey script looks to have been updated to now include the keyboard shortcuts [‘D’ or ‘d’] to delete checked messages. More info here.

  4. Atul Arora says:

    I have greasemonkey installed and I just ran into this issue. For some reason I was getting the busy hour glass when editing an email. So there is some interaction going on between gmail and greasemonkey. It happened to me for the second time. Last time it happened was about 5 months ago and access was restored within two hours. Wonder how long will it take this time.

  5. i got same issue with greasemonkey!!!