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Why Are the Second Tier Networks Failing?

By - May 03, 2005

Ugly ResultsA wise source recently observed to me that to comprehend the health of the big guys, watch how the smaller ones are doing. On that measure, things are not so rosy in search land. Looksmart, Findwhat,, all are trending down on poor results. Why, in an age of ever expanding search and online advertising dollars, why is this happening? Could it be that they are failing to retain traffic of good intent? One might expect that even the second tier search networks are doing well. But they are not. Hmmmm.


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4 thoughts on “Why Are the Second Tier Networks Failing?

  1. Mike Mo says:

    In the case of Looksmart it is trading below cash value. Looksmart stated last week they have $52 mil. in cash and another $9 in long term investments for a total just over $62 mil.
    I understand everyone and their cousin has a bone to pick with Looksmart but Geeze is their not one positive about the company? What is the value of Furl? The beefed up FindArticles? The directory?
    Today someone could take them out and post up the properties for sale, severence the crew, sublet the building and walk away with at least some cash.
    J.B, is LookSmart just a dung heep?

  2. I’ve been trying out some alternative networks to AdSense, and it’s tough to get the same level of payout. Only on one site I had Kanoodle actually outrun Google as far as earnings, and a two-month experiment with AdMarketplace was quite disappointing, so I pulled the ads and came back to AdSense.

    I think Google has the widest array of advertisers, which allows it to rotate the ads for a given, so if you have a consistent community that keeps coming back to the site, your click-through ratios are better. With other networks it was more or less the same stale ads that do bring decent response the first day you run them, but degrade into super-low CTR pretty fast.

    • opf course Google ha sa wider array of advertisers it generate about 90% of teh market! the reason that second tier search engines are around is becuase of teh fact that Google Cost a lot of money on certain keywords and you have a lot of retards who can ruin a campaign becuase they don’t know what they are doing. if you test a second tier search engine with $500 your wasting money a test needs to be felt and then analyzed. you should test with a budget that is going to give you results not a throw it against the wall and hope it sticks approach. that is why everyone fails at advertising.

  3. francis says:

    iam failing to access my mails it cant find the page