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Intent Driven Search?!

By - May 27, 2005

YintentMy favorite word, now a tagline at Yahoo, which launched Mindset (“Intent Driven Search) today. Greg has an interesting take on it here.

Want to return to classic Battelle Joints After Midnight stuff about intent? Of course you do!

It’s too late on a Friday, and it’s been too long and interesting a week, to play with this right now. Much news these past few days in my other life, and also over at Web 2.0, which is really taking shape, more as soon as I can possibly talk about it.

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3 thoughts on “Intent Driven Search?!

  1. Jeremy says:

    Slightly off topic, but I noticed that the link you used to your old post was your “Google Search History” version. That’s one thing that’s ticked me off a little after the introduction of their search history. Not necessarily as a privacy thing, but as a convenience thing when copying and pasting links. Although I’m not sure if there’s any way for them to avoid that in order for the feature to work.

    I’m just wondering how much extra Google is getting with that data. I understand that it’s used for tracking your search history, but I think as a side effect it’s definitely possible for them to track popular links that people are sharing with each other as well.

    Of course it could be all part of Google’s way to further expand that “database of intentions”.

  2. Adam says:

    I really like the “Database of Intentions” concept…and agree that this data is ripe for amazing uses and/or abuses. I was wondering if you’d considered a related concept: your own “personal database of intentions,” specific to your searches, purchases, and preferences. Right now, this database is distributed all over the place, with some under your control, like at your Amazon account and in your browser search history; and some not so much, like server logs and credit card trails.

    I wrote about some related issues here that I’d be interested in your thoughts on if you have the chance. In particular, it seems to me that if your personal database was more under your control instead of under the control of various sites, it would level the playing field and lead to more competition and innovation in personalized services.

  3. Milf Orgy says:

    I was about to write such thing not to abolish alcohol and tobbaco tax but after reading the whole post and comment i suspect it should be abolished.