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GreaseMonkey and Google's Yahoo Tab

By - May 18, 2005

YhoogoleJeremy shows us why GreaseMonkey is a good thing. At least, if you work at Yahoo….BTW, GreaseMonkey is really picking up steam. When will such a platform be available for IE? Or is it already?

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4 thoughts on “GreaseMonkey and Google's Yahoo Tab

  1. I haven’t heard anything about such scripting features in IE7, so I expect it’s long off. That said, it wouldn’t be hard for a 3rd party to write a Browser Helper Object todo the same in IE, or even, make it work with GreaseMonkey scripts.

  2. David Evans says:

    I’ve played with GM in the dating space, merging Yahoo personals and Match results in a Dashboard-like setting. The first few time you experience this are very cool. However, all website publisher has to do to prohibit GM from taking over their DOM is add a single line of code, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Then we’re back to screen-scraping. This is an interesting business model, someone go start a company called and publish “enhanced” versions of popular sites. There is an IE version in development and PithHelment does similar stuff in Safari.

  3. Jacob Meldgaard B√łtter says:

    There is actually Greasemonkey for IE, but the development has stopped. The name is GreasemonkIE. It requires the .NET framework though.

    You can read about it at: and

    Why don’t you just use Firefox?”

    Hope everything is going well.