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Findory Mashes up AdSense

By - May 31, 2005

This is an interesting twist: Over at Findory, Greg and his team have introduced what they are calling “Personalized Advertising.” It’s AdSense, but remixed through Findory’s personalized filters to be more relevant. From Greg’s post:

This early version is built on top of Google AdSense, but these are not normal AdSense ads. They are not targeted merely to the content of the page, but to the individual behavior of each reader.

Update: I asked Greg how he does it, and whether it’d be against AdSense TOS to actually remix AdSense. Here’s his response:

That’d be nice if we could filter AdSense, but I suspect you are correct that that would be against the terms of service. 


Instead, we request Google select ads based on information we extract from a combination of the content and the user’s history on Findory.  It is layered on top of our personalization engine and Google’s AdSense.

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