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Amazon Sales Rank: 409,000 or Thereabout

By - May 13, 2005

Bookcover-1A happy surprise this week: my book is available for sale up on Amazon, and has been for some time. Its sales rank – at about 409,000, clearly indicates that it’s not exactly tearing up the charts, but given that it’s not even printed yet and I just found out about this, I suppose that’s to be expected. But it’s just so….real…to see it there on Amazon, with the cover and everything. Today the final, final manuscript came and I’m spending the next week poring over it, hoping to make it as good as it can possibly be. If you’d like to pre order the book now, why I’d be honored. Here’s a link to the order page. Just know that the information about the book is not yet accurate – it will be longer than 288 pages (don’t know where they got that, it will be more like 350), for example.

I’m terrified. But thrilled.

UPDATE: Holy crap! You guys pushed it up to like #5400 on Amazon! I guess that’s to be expected – start from a small base and work up, but wow. Thank you.

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  • Barry Schwartz

    Pre-ordered… Cant Wait!

  • test

    comment test

  • David Orban

    And now the book should be searchable, shouldn’t it?

  • tim Windsor

    #5437 now. Preordered.

  • anon

    Actually it’s all the way to #1347 now.

  • mahlon

    Congratulations on the book. I preordered mine at Overstock. 19.5% less than Amazon including shipping. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Toivo Lainevool

    Up to #934 now! Congratulations. Can’t wait to read it.

  • Brian

    You’re publishing your book on my birthday…and I didn’t think I was getting a free copy so of course I anted up =) Hope it keeps rising!

  • Kevin Fox

    This morning you were a proud member of the Long Tail! Congrats on your hike up the power curve.

  • Adam Wilson

    Shameless self promotion :)

  • Jens

    Congratulations John!

    Just out of curiosity, with a Sales Rank of 409,000 did you actually have any sales? I suppose you must have had a couple, but how many did it translate into?

    Anyway, good luck on your book.

  • ID:entity just cancelled my pre-order, no explanation provided.

  • s.w vang

    I would like to know how to “Battelle” pronounce?
    Ba-tel or bet-tle-e ?

  • Dan

    Are you still signing the pre-ordered books?

  • Alex Choo

    Hi John,

    I thought you might like to see your book’s sales rank history and trend :)