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A Trio of Google Items (Plus Another!)

By - May 07, 2005

GooghackedOne: Fred is at it again, sharing his AdSense data. This time I think he did in fact violate AdSense TOS. Not in saying AdSense Image ads suck, but in providing click through rates. Hawk comments here.

Two: Google’s Web Accelerator is turning into something of a PR nightmare. Some coverage:

Google’s Accelerator Breaks Web Apps, Security (ZD)

Google Accelerator: Be Careful Where You Browse (/.)

(also of note, Tristan Louis’s thoughts on how GWA is really a stealth search tool for Google)

Three: Google’s policy on political ads once is again getting tested. This time it’s ads attacking both DeLay and Pelosi. (Mercury News)

And Four: Various reports, including Om’s, that Google was down today at around 3.15 pm, and that someone called “SOGO” hijacked

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4 thoughts on “A Trio of Google Items (Plus Another!)

  1. Brian says:

    Isn’t it more likely that Google had a DNS problem and they have spyware?

  2. SteveEisner says:

    I dropped a comment about this into your forums ( a full day before the 37signals news came out. You could have had a scoop! 😉
    Thanks for the great blog-

  3. Apparently, SoGoSearch only showed up in some non-conforming browsers (because they own

  4. Teddie says:

    Prefetch isn’t a great idea, however there is a possibility it could turn out to be useful for optimisers.