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Webbys Move to NYC

By - April 05, 2005

WebbysI’ve always been a fan of the Webbys, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek celebration of all that is good on the Web. I am also a fan and friend of Tiffany Shlain, the Webby’s creator and creative director. The past few years have been hard on the event, which was scaled back to online only, but this year its back with a vengeance – it will move to New York and be hosted by the Daily Show’s Rob Corddry.

I’ve been a judge of the Webbys for years, and this year is no exception. I’ve also seen the hard times Tiffany and her team had to endure – including the struggle to get the event out from under the somewhat suffocating embrace of the wrong owner. They managed to do just that last year, and now more independent, the event is once again finding its voice. I very much wish it well, and hope that in the move to NYC, it won’t forget its California roots.

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