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By - April 18, 2005

TivoFrom Cnet, a longish piece on the intersection of search and Tivo, with an emphasis on reporting from anonymous sources claiming something of a competition between Yahoo and Google to do an exclusive deal with Tivo for “bridging television and the web.”

From the piece:

A partnership between TiVo and a major Internet search engine would offer expansion opportunities for both. TiVo has long talked about becoming the “Google of TV,” eventually enabling its 3 million subscribers to search for and watch any broadcast or broadband media. Though TiVo opened the door for video downloads straight from the Web, it does not yet offer such a feature.

Meanwhile, Google and Yahoo are investing heavily in video services.

For my riff on tv and search merging, head here. For my interview with Tivo CEO Mike Ramsay, head here.

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One thought on “TivoSearch

  1. ID:entity says:

    According to “EPIC” they are not investing enough yet 🙂