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The Winning Subtitle

By - April 18, 2005

Those of you who have read Searchblog for a while may recall my plea for a better subtitle (I think in fact it was two pleas). You kindly gave me more than 200 possible subtitles, ranging from hilarious (Results 1-10 of about 17,300,000) to the pretty darn good (GETTING EVERYTHING: Search in the Age of Google).

Believe it or not, my publishers read *every single entry* on the site, and were really stoked to get so much feedback. As I said before, I had pretty much given up on the idea of controlling the outcome of the subtitle, it’s like the author of a magazine piece arguing about the cover line. The goal is to sell books, and what do I know about that?

So after reading all your input and talking to their salesforce, the publishers have settled on a subtitle:

THE SEARCH: The Inside Story of How Google and Its Rivals Changed Everything

We went, well, big on the promise – “Changed Everything.” Well, probably not everything, but certainly everything in the media/tech/culture/business nexus, which after all is what the book is about.

The publication date is early September, but review copies are going to be ready pretty soon. I’m taking this final week to do one last major line edit, and then it’s all up to the fates. It’s like giving birth in excruciating slow motion. Bleah.

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3 thoughts on “The Winning Subtitle

  1. Hashim says:

    hmmmm, I like. I predict your book will be a best seller.

  2. NickP says:


    can i get a review copy?


  3. vuk says:

    Far from disliking the subtitle I thought I should point you at the Guardian article about subtitles announcing stories that changed the world. Maybe you saw it.

    The article that changed the world
    Overinflated claims in book titles reveal a lack of self-confidence among publishers
    Richard Adams
    Wednesday April 6, 2005,6000,1453119,00.html