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The Week That Was

By - April 17, 2005

Come with me as I wade through 9 days of back reading…

Google adds feeds to Gmail. About time, and probably just the beginning….

Google also launched Google Local for Mobile. Watch this space as well. The mobile world needs bridges to the web.

Joe Beda (Googler) on his 20% time presentation at CFP. There is one question – Why 20%? – which I can answer – Sergey did a math proof showing that to be the most efficient percentage. Don’t ask me to verify his math.

Yahoo launches its beta of its redesigned News site. Oh, and gives out free hosting to small biz. All in a day’s work.

The WaPo take a mainstream look at clickfraud (not a lot of ground broken here…for a riff on media coverage of clickfraud, head here)

Josh’s funder reveals himself to be Fred

Oh to be a fly on the wall for this conversation…Tim and Jeff are both search titans.

Speaking of Tim, he wonders, are tags useful?

Google tests some new layouts for Adwords.

What, you haven’t seen the craigslist/GoogleMaps mashup yet? (I wrote about it here) launched formally this week.

Ask upgrades its MyJeeves personalized search.

And this ZabaSearch is some odd shit…this one feels like it may turn into a real story…here’s the Chron in it…(thanks Xeni)

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