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Snap Does Suggest One Better

By - April 18, 2005

SnapsuggestWhile I was away I got a note from Bill Gross, founder of Snap (and Overture, and Picasa, and…anyway). He was brimming with the news of a neat new hack on his home page – a suggest feature that offers searches based on the letters you type in. Sounds like Google Suggest, no? NO! Gross told me. In his words:

Google suggest is awesome, but doesn

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4 thoughts on “Snap Does Suggest One Better

  1. Bill says:

    I’m not sure that Google Suggest is sorting its results by number of hits. I think it’s just giving you that information as an additional tidbit.

    A case in point: I did a google suggest search for ‘salad’, and the recommendation was ‘salad fingers’. Salad fingers has 550,000 results, whereas ‘salad appetizers’ has 974,000, which was not recommended. So, there’s clearly some metric at work here that’s not just number of Google results.

  2. k-ro says:

    Note: google suggest does support substrings.

    It’s fun to see how many characters of your name you have to type before your name is the suggested search 🙂

  3. k-ro says:

    Oh wait; I misunderstood (I shoulda gone to the site first…)

    Yes the substring is very cool. A basic example is typing ‘depot’ and the top entry is, appropriately, ‘Home Depot’, whereas google suggest’s is ‘depot prevera’ until you get to the last char, when it becomes ‘depot’.