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AdMoolah: List your AdSense Results

By - April 24, 2005

A reader has started a site for folks to input their AdSense results. Right now it’s quite bare, but he hopes folks will fill it up, and the site will become a resource for marketers.

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The Mobile Web S*cks

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Russell rants, and he’s right. I have my own rant about this, at its core is the open/closed issue. On the one hand you have an open platform, the web, that sports a robust ecology with all sorts of innovation and competition. On the other hand, over in the mobile world, you have this carrier-driven crap that is driven by one thing and one thing only: the carrier’s desperate desire to lock you in.

Free the mobile web! Only when it’s connected, seamlessly and freely, to the real web will it blossom.

GOOG Earnings are In: Big. Big. Big.

By - April 21, 2005

Revenues up 93% year over year. Cash from operations was $516 million in the quarter. Crashing on the final, no really, final edit of the manuscript. So here is the story from Reuters.

UPDATE: Safa has raised his price target to $275 on the earnings results.

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Too Much News, Not Enough Time…

By - April 20, 2005

Briefly noted:

A9 rolls out its nifty Yellow Pages in five more cities.

Podscope – search within a podcast – launched Monday. The CEO of TVEyes, which is behind it, pinged me about it. It sounds really cool.

Blinkx launched new varities of its Smart Folders feature, as well as a promotion with the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie.

A CS grad emailed me with a new engine, and I’m a sucker for solo projects. it’s called DigPeople, another people search engine.

Gross has yet another search company in the news, this time it’s Insider Pages, a local play, driving a million dollars in its first month.

My friends at O’Reilly (partners in the Web 2.0 conference) have launched O’Reilly’s Radar blog. Cool!

Besides its new search history feature, Google announced upgrades to its Advertising Professionals Program and announced a deal to syndicate local results on accuweather. Watch this space.

News: Google Launches My Search History

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GoogsearchhistThis is big news, readers know how much I like the concept of search history, pioneered by A9 and others. I spoke to Marissa Mayer about this last night, and I asked her why Google was finally doing this. Her response: “It was overdue.”

I totally agree. I’m on deadline right now for the final manuscript of my book, but the site is here. Once you sign up, your search history will be integrated into every Google search you do. This is a major move for Google, and I’ll have an essay as to why later.