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Mo Money From Online Ads

By - April 29, 2005

The industry is posting record numbers, quarter after quarter.

From the ClickZ piece:

Online ad revenues for 2004 were up 33 percent to $9.6 billion, the highest level ever, according to the latest report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

New data include finalized revenue numbers from Q3, Q4 and full-year 2004 as reported by interactive advertising sellers. Of the total figure, $2.3 billion was spent in the third quarter; and $2.7 billion in the fourth.

The latter number makes Q4 2004 the most lucrative quarter ever reported for the medium, according to historical IAB/PwC results. That’s perhaps not surprising, as the quarter included both the final four weeks of the Presidential campaign and the holiday season. It was the second consecutive year in which Q4 revenues were up year-over-year.

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2 thoughts on “Mo Money From Online Ads

  1. switch11 says:

    we’re at a stage where a lot of the key players (search engines, advertisers, blog/website owners) are sharing the profits.

    Isn’t the next big leap going to be sharing profits with consumers. It could be some sort of
    1) Credit Card type ‘rewards’ program or cash back; OR
    2) Another sort of profit sharing OR lower prices.

    Considering that
    1) Online products for the most part are much cheaper to sell than ‘in-store’ products); AND
    2) A lot of people are making billions off of what consumers are purchasing.

    How much longer before consumers start realizing that in a pull model of consumption they should get a sweeter deal.

  2. Sohbet says:

    How much longer before consumers start realizing that in all